The Eagle printer series has been designed specifically for industrial applications

With its innovative wing design, it allows a rapid set-up for both production and sampling.

Compared to regular printers (two-point engine), Eagle is equipped with a single-point engine, this allows the machine to have no constraints on the size and you can then insert also very bulky materials for printing. Eagle is perfect for printing on any material, and has a dedicated software, WhiteRip.

It's separated four version based on the application field, each one with different sizes models:

  • Eagle UV
    • Eagle UV 40
    • Eagle UV 60
    • Eagle UV 100
    • Eagle UV 60 XL
    • Eagle UV 100 XL
  • Eagle Line
    • Eagle Line 40 (UV, Hybrid)
    • Eagle Line 60 (TX, UV, Hybrid)
    • Eagle Line 100 (TX, UV, Hybrid)
  • Eagle TX
    • Eagle TX 60
    • Eagle TX 100
    • Eagle TX 60 XL
    • Eagle TX 100 XL
  • Eagle CTS

All of our printers are designed and built in Italy, they are all provided with white recirculation system with pressured colours, height sensors, brushless engines with absolute encoder sensors and a heating system for the print head group.

Eagle printer thanks to its many versions allow to print on almost every surface, covering most of the industrial printing applications.

The supplied equipment includes the WhiteRip dedicated software, with specific functions realized purposedly for each version to maximize printer output and reduce ink consumption.
Many optional are available for each version.


Key Features

Material thickness up to 25cm!

One of the most important features is the ability to work with a variable thickness up to 25 cm.

The machine automatically detects the height of the object and sets all parameters to achieve optimum print quality.

New generation Print Heads

new printheads have a better performance and last longer, with mirror treatment to prevent the deposit of color and clogging of the print nozzles.

Ecologic and semiflexible UV LED Inks

Eagle uses the ECO ink from DPI, characterized by a high quality of pigments, with a high degree of brightness and a wide color gamut and for UV inks a special semiflexible pigment to print even on flexible materials. Due to the high coverage of white ink, you can print on transparent or dark with no problems.

Ink Management:

  • Recirculation of White
  • Pressurized circuit
  • Bottled Ink

Wrip dedicated software:

  • Special Effects: Texture and thickness
  • Spot color library
  • Glass Mode: Contemporary Print of 3 layers of color / white / color


Special Applications

Eagle, unlike normal printers, was created to respond to industrial needs and can be lined up with custom solutions. The Engineers that were assigned to the Eagle project, worked closely with the Department of Automation, thus being able to give the best possible integration of customized solutions in designing and realizing custom solutions. Some examples have already been built, for example the integration with robots for the automatic loading of the plan, custom templates, suction system with suction cups for movable plates of custom forms, and much more.