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The advantages of Eagle

The printers of the Eagle line are produced with the aid of the latest technology in the field of inkjet printing that guarantee reliability and print quality, making them also suitable for industrial use.

Compared to traditional printers, Eagle has a series of features and services that make it an incredibly advantageous printer.

Thanks to a careful design Eagle printers are particularly versatile with a maximum printing height of 250mm, the ability to print on objects larger than the table thanks to the wing design and printing on cylindrical objects with a dedicated support.

The ink system in Eagle printers consists of bottles under constant pressure and recirculation. Choosing bottles instead of cartridges reduces waste and ink costs. Are available UV LED and Hybrid inks for printing on objects and water-based inks for printing on fabric, each perfectly calibrated to work with Eagle printers and guarantee excellent print quality and holding. The WhiteRIP professional RIP software is also supplied with features designed to maximize production such as template printing, inline printing and synchro print as well as numerous optimisations to reduce printing times and consumption of ink and color profiles for most common materials.

The new generation of printers is also equipped with a management tablet that allows you to control the printer and perform maintenance operations even without being physically in front of the machine.

Each Eagle can be customized to integrate it with automatic printing lines, automatic loading / unloading systems, adapting it to materials with particular shapes, etc.

Protection systems


PHPC ( Print Head Position Control )

The PHPC system produces uniform prints and assures that the head installed in our printer will be safe from breaking, by constantly checking the position.


IRS (ink recirculation system)

IRS is an innovative system that allows your machine to improve performance through a constant recirculation of white ink that prevents the creation of sediment that would cause inevitable otturazzioni head and long periods of inactivity.


Creative Lab

Our exhibition area, where imagination and creativity reign supreme, is a place where you can actually realize the potential of our machines and see what is possible to create with them. Our show starts here.

DPI Training Center

In order to offer its customers a complete assistance service, DPI DG PRINTING organizes technical training courses at its headquarters, an opportunity to learn in depth the potential of your machine and be able to quickly make the most of its characteristics.

DPI Assistance

The support service is a valuable tool to receive all-round assistance. In order to benefit from it, it's sufficient to connect to our website and request a subscription to the service by filling a web form.


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