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Ser.Tec. present IPlasm

Ser.Tec. presented IPlasm, a revolutionary cleaning, pretreatment and surface protection system for all types of materials thanks to the use of plasma.

Plasma is based on the physical principle that states of matter change by applying energy. By adding energy to the gas, it ionizes generating electrons, ions and free molecular fragments, transforming itself into plasma.
This technology allows the surface to be activated homogeneously increasing its wettability. At the same time, plasma has a cleaning effect by eliminating oils, greases and other organic contaminants from the material. The combination of the detergent effect and surface activation exceeds the efficacy of traditional primers, with adhesion of the print even on the most difficult materials.
A perfect example of use is related to printing on glass. During the production process one of the faces is in contact with the tin and therefore dirty. This side, without treatments, is difficult to print with no ink adherence, while the other side is perfectly printable. With IPlasm in a single process it cleans and prepares the printing support with the print that will not have problems of adhesion and will not need other processing.

IPlasm, available in an automated and manual version, can replace pre-treatment and cleaning operations in a single station with a considerable saving of time and equipment. IPlasm product sheet

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