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Introducing the Eagle Series

The printers of the Eagle series are made with the aid of the latest technologies in the field of inkjet printing that guarantee reliability and print quality making them suitable for industrial use. The different versions for UV Led, Hybrid and textile printing are differentiated by the type of ink and drying but retain the same characteristics and key points the Eagle series. Thanks to a careful design Eagle printers are particularly versatile with a maximum printing height of 250mm, the ability to print on objects larger than the print table thanks to the wing design and printing on cylindrical objects with a dedicated support. The equipment includes the tablet thanks to which you are always updated on the status of the printer and the professional print software WhiteRIP with many features and optimizations to maximize production.
Each Eagle can be customized to integrate it with automatic printing lines, automatic loading / unloading systems, adapting it to materials with particular shapes, etc.


Adaptation to your needs

Wing design

Print on material larger than the print table


Robust and reliable printers


Print materials up to 250mm thick

Remote control

Remote control via tablet

Software RIP

Dedicated professional software RIP




Tailored solutions

custom printer

We can create custom printers to satisfy your needs for special processing, integration with automatic printing lines, integration with load and unload equipment or customization for extra size materials.

Circular object Kit

The circular object Kit allow to easily print on circular items. The kit can be mounted and unmounted in a very short time allowing to switch production type quickly.


squadra angolare

The square allow to place the material in perfect alignment with the table almost istantly. The square is adjustable in height and can be completely lowered if necessary.

Customizable length

lunghezza variabile

The print length of the Eagle XL is customizable, starting from 2,5 meters. You can choose the best size for your needs.

Vacuum table

Eagle printers can be equipped with vacuum table that help to keep object in place and avoid movements during the print.

Want to see Eagle in action? Do you need more info or are you looking for a custom solution?

Contact us and we will reply you with all the information you need.

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