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DTF Inks

DTF inks, thanks to their chemical formulation, ensure outstanding adhesion on materials that are often challenging to print with DTG technology, such as polyester and leather, as well as on traditional cotton and similar fabrics. To achieve complete adhesion of the printed material, heat pressing is required.


High Print Quality

The high quality of the inks combined with the precision of Eagle printers allows for achieving photographic quality even on fabric.

Delayed Heat Pressing Option

With DTF inks and our specially designed film, you can perform heat pressing at a later time, provided that the materials are stored in a non-humid environment.

High Durability

Despite being used for materials known to be challenging for printing, DTF inks provide excellent adhesion and resistance against scratches and abrasions. This allows for creating long-lasting products.

Customization on Various Fabrics and Accessories

DTF technology makes fabric customization an extraordinarily simple process, expanding its applicability to garments and accessories that were previously considered difficult to handle, including jackets, backpacks, caps, raincoats, and even socks.


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