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Hybrid Inks

Hybrid inks thanks to their chemical composition guarantee excellent seals on materials that are difficult to print such as glass, metals, leather, ceramics, etc.
The drying process is made during prints thanks to halogen lamps specifically studied and adjustable in power for better adjustment to each material. For the complete drying of some materials it is necessary a passage on the oven.


High print quality

The high quality of the inks combined with the great accuracy of the Eagle printers allows you to achieve photographic quality on most media

Materials immediately ready for use

Most materials, thanks to the powerful halogen lamp, will be ready for use immediately after printing, without further processing or waiting.

High durability

Although they are used for notorially difficult-to-print materials, Hybrid inks guarantee excellent seals and resistance against scratches and abrasions. It is therefore possible to create products with long durability.

Print on new materials

Hybrid technology paves the way for printing on materials that are difficult to print with traditional techniques such as glass, ceramics, metals, leathers, etc. with excellent sealing and high quality prints.


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