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plotter da taglio

The I-Cut plotter is a flat plotter with a suction pump inside the machine.
The maximum cutting area of ​​750 x 1050 mm is ideal for sheet cutting and packaging prototyping.
Thanks to its mechanics it cuts thicknesses up to a maximum of 4 mm.
Equipped with 2 cutting heads, it handles blades, creasers and pens.
Possibility of cutting, creasing, cutting or cutting and creasing at the same time. The new functions for cutting and creasing allow the plotter to meet the needs of the paper industry. The precise pressure control allows to perform through-cut or half-cut on different types of materials: vinyl films, paper, cards, fabric, etc.
Supplied for loading rolls up to 750 mm wide.
With the crosshair reader the plotter can cut out printed sheets with any technology.
Thanks to the large work surface it is possible to place more sheets on the work area and read the crosses automatically.
With the creasing tool, the cardboard can be folded, automatically managing the creasing passes according to the type of material.
Thanks to the two independently controlled cutting heads, 2 instruments can be used simultaneously with maximum pressure.
The LCD display allows you to work very easily directly on the plotter. It allows you to: perform cutting tests, find the cutting position, re-send cuts several times, correct X and Y margins, load cutting files directly from USB and start the suction pump.
The software allows you to manage cuts directly from your computer with the ability to save to USB and manage cutting directly from the plotter in a simple and intuitive way without a computer connection.

Main Software functions: job size, preview window, multi-copy, nesting of cuts, cutting conditions (tool, pressure, speed, offset), cut by level / color.
The complete software that brings advanced vector functions to the desktop for all users even if they are not equipped with specific programs, giving the possibility of importing various vector file extensions such as PDF, EPS, AI, etc. and graphics such as BPM, JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.

Cutting area 750 x 1050
Max cutting speed 800 mm / s
Max cutting force 600 g
Max cutting thickness 4 mm
USB interface + U DISK
Power supply 220 V +/- 20% - 110 V +/- 20%
Weight 180 kg
LCD touch display
Easy and intuitive software
Double head cut and crease
Suction pump power 1.5 KW


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