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Eagle UV 50 R

UV Industrial Series

Macchina digitale per oggetti cilindrici
digital printer for cylindrical objects
Macchina digitale per oggetti cilindrici
digital printer for cylindrical objects

Eagle 50 R is the new solution for digital printing of cylindrical objects such as bottles, jars etc. 
The 4-support loading system facilitates loading and unloading operations and increases production by having the possibility of working in a cycle, minimizing downtime between one piece and another. The printer is equipped with print heads that can be equipped with four-color white and spot color to achieve excellent coverage and print quality at every resolution.
The advanced printing software has features to optimize cylindrical printing, it also opens the most common file formats such as psd, tif, jpg, eps and pdf.

Tailored solutions

custom printer

We can create custom printers to satisfy your needs for special processing, integration with automatic printing lines, integration with load and unload equipment or customization for extra size materials.

Model Eagle UV 50 R
Printing technology Inkjet piezoeletric printheads with single pass technology
Max resolution 2400 dpi
Max.printable area width 200mm
Material lenght 80-240mm
Material Diameter 65-85mm
Available colors CMYK W Spot
Interface Ethernet
Power Supply AC 240V 50/60Hz
Consumption 178W
Operating Environment 20-25° Relative Humidity 15-20%


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