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Ser.Tec. launch the new UP FJ H

Ser.Tec. presented UP FJ H, an industrial UV LED printer for printing rigid and reel materials up to 1600mm wide.

UP FJ H roll to roll

UP FJ H presents a vacuum belt with adjustable power for moving objects and removable roller conveyors to allow the printing of rigid materials up to 200mm thick. For printing on roll materials UP FJ H is equipped with an automatic unwinder and rewinder and pinch rollers.

UP FJ H rigid materials

The 8 colors of UP FJ H are managed individually by industrial Fujifilm Dimatix printheads with drop on fly technology that allow UP FJ H to reach a resolution of 1200dpi and guarantee the coverage even at the higher speed. The presence of light cyan and light magenta colors allows you to accurately print gradients, while thanks to the gloss UP FJ H is able to enhance portions of graphics and create incredible effects. The LED lamp system is perfectly tuned with the print that is ready to be used straight away.. Thanks to the possibility of printing on various materials UP FJ H is a very versatile printer suitable for various sectors including home design, sign, industrial and packaging.

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UP FJ H Video

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